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November 2018: Yoga Nidra Teacher Training – mit Eric Bennewitz

Its for Anyone.
This training is open to anyone who wishes to deepen their personal practice and/or enhance their professional developement in guiding others using Yoga Nidra. It is a simple yet deeply self-harmonizing practice based on ancient yogic traditions that were later modernized by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Yoga Nidra today is adapted in yoga classes as well as in therapeutic, counseling, medical and other healing professions as a natural alternative to man-made medications and as a preventive medicine tool to promote and maintain overall health.

A Simple Explanation.
On the surface, Yoga Nidra is seen as true relaxation. However, when practiced consistently, Yoga Nidra opens and connects you on much deeper levels, reducing and releasing blockages within your layers of consciousness, sheaths of being and ultimately dissolving your karmic past. It enables you to see and wash away negative habit patterns that have shaped your life due to past conditionings, thus enabling you to live a life with fuller purpose and contentment.

Releasing Stress through Yoga Nidra.
With stress being the leading cause of many illnesses today and research showing the origins for many illnesses coming first from the mind and then into the body, adapting a consistent Yoga Nidra practice allows you to turn down the Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight or Flight) and turn up the Parasympathetic (Relaxation Response) bringing you more effortlessly into a state of natural self-healing. It is from here where you discover how to self-activate the relaxation response in your body, welcome and balance emotions, recognize healthy habits and prevent and reverse conditions and diseases like anxieties, insomnia, chronic pains and addictions to name a few. All done while you are in a deep conscious sleep and without you having to try to accomplish something.
The beauty of this practice is that ANYONE can do it. Its not about promoting change as much as its about uncovering, noticing and dissolving our past physical, emotional and mental tensions and negative barriers. Yoga Nidra opens us to the realization that we are already whole as we are from the inside out.

You Practicing & Guiding Yoga Nidra.
This in-depth 2-Weekend training will provide you with the skills to both better understand your own Yoga Nidra practice and guide others with a heightened sense of knowledge, confidence and creativity. You will experience first-hand how Yoga Nidra inspires and revitalizes lives.

Eric’s Approach. Accessible & Interactive.
With many forms of Yoga Nidra evolving from the original version, Eric incorporates a traditional approach to learning and practicing Yoga Nidra utilizing the 5 sheaths of being known as the Koshas in yoga. In this traditional method, Eric explains and guides you through 8 unique stages of Yoga Nidra and how they relate to your Koshas. These 8 stages are based from the teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati. Students are first guided to understand, experience and finally learn to guide other students confidently through a Yoga Nidra practice.
This training uses visual, auditory and kinesthetic methods to help students understand concepts more easily, so it is suitable for all learning styles.

Training content includes:
* Training manual and daily journal for each student.
* Interactive discussion with Q&A sessions.
* History and philosophy behind Yoga Nidra.
* The 5 W’s: Who, What, Where, When, Why Yoga Nidra.
* Yoga Nidra’s effects on the brain and nervous system.
* Yoga Nidra’s positive effects on habit patterns.
* Relaxation and body awareness techniques to prepare for Yoga Nidra.
* Mantra chanting to prepare for Yoga Nidra.
* Breath awareness techniques to prepare for Yoga Nidra.
* Massage techniques to relax the body and deepen awareness.
* Combining yoga asana practices with Yoga Nidra.
* Learning proper postures and propping for pregnancies, chronic coughers and sleepers.
* Experiencing various Yoga Nidra practices.
* Understanding the 8 unique stages of Yoga Nidra and its relation to the Koshas.
* Sankalpa: What is it? Types of Sankalpa.
* Meditations for realizing your Sankalpa (Life intention).
* Yoga Nidra and the Tantric Shastras.
* Understanding Samskaras (past impressions) and Yoga Nidra.
* Western scientific research and support for Yoga Nidra.
* Therapeutic applications for healing.
* Finding your own voice, tone and speed of guiding a practice.
* Music options for Yoga Nidra.
* Finding inspiration for creating your own Yoga Nidra scripts to guide others.
* Creating appropriate and creative scripts.
* Customizing Yoga Nidra practices for various audiences. (i.e. Beginners, one2one, Classes, Pregancies, Kids, special conditions)
* End of Yoga Nidra activities (i.e. Body mapping, circle of trust, drawing, experience sharing)
* How to deal with student reactions during and after a Yoga Nidra practice.
* Learning how to bring it all together: creating your own Yoga Nidra session complete with warm-up, Yoga Nidra script and cool down activity to be practiced in partners or small groups.
* Personal guidance and feedback from Eric.

Eric Bennewitz discovered yoga nidra while living in Toronto, Canada.
While attending a yoga training in 2009, Eric was introduced to the practice of Yoga Nidra. He was inspired to learn more about this ancient practice, so began studying with various mentors and deepening his own self-study and practice.
Shortly after, Eric re-located to Hamburg, where he helped introduce Yoga Nidra into yoga asana classes and began mentoring with Jennifer Reis, a renowned teacher of yoga nidra from the United States.
As his yoga nidra practice and teachings deepened, Eric wanted to spread the word on this stress reducing and life changing practice, so began offering Yoga Nidra workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in Germany and Canada.
Over the years, Eric has contributed as an article writer for ‚Yoga Aktuell‘ and ‚Happy Mind Online-Magazine‘ in discussing Yoga Nidra. His commitment to making Yoga Nidra accessible to as many people as possible led him to creating 2 Yoga Nidra meditation CDs in 2012 and 2016 which are available online at his yoga studio in Hamburg, Germany www.peaceoutyoga.de

Diese Praxis wird dich auf positive Weise dazu bringen, Ängste, Gewohnheiten, dualistisches Denken und selbstzerstörerische Grundüberzeugungen zu reduzieren und loszulassen. 
Es öffnet Dir und Deinen Schülern die Quelle, wo die meisten Krankheiten und andere negative Schwankungen im Leben passieren …. 
Der Geist kann gezähmt werden. Er muss unser Leben nicht kontrollieren. Unser Bewusstsein und unsere Beobachtung unserer Gedanken, Worte und Handlungen helfen dabei, diese Schwankungen des Geistes zu beseitigen. (Kennen Sie das – Yoga Sutras?) Frage Dich, was willst Du im Leben? Und wenn Du wirklich auf Dich selbst hörst, wirst die Antwort sofort erkennen, sobald alle Schwankungen beseitigt sind — entsteht FRIEDEN.

„Die einfachste Praxis, von der ich weiß, dass sie Dich dorthin bringen kann, heißt YOGA NIDRA.“

Ich unterrichte seit über 10 Jahren Yoga Nidra und weißt Du was? Studenten lieben es! Wer möchte nicht eine Yoga-Klasse verlassen, die sich ruhiger, klarer und geerdeter anfühlt, in Kontakt mit sich selbst und dem Universum.

Ich biete Dir dieses Yoga Nidra TT an, um Dir und Deinen Schülern bei der Heilung und Transformation zu helfen. Das hinzufügen von Yoga Nidra zum Savasana, wird die Verbindung Deiner Schüler zu sich selbst vertiefen. Das ist etwas, was Du in keinem Geschäft kaufen kannst. Wenn du die Schritte lernen und erlernen willst, wie du Schüler anleitet und lehrst, einfache Yoga Nidra-Skripte für Deine Schüler und Dich selbst zu schreiben, dann ist dieses Lehrertraining ein Muss für Dich.

Ich freue mich darauf dich zu sehen und vielleicht können wir etwas Frieden durch Yoga Nidra verteilen. PEACE

All levels of student or teacher are welcomed and encouraged!

Eric will be teaching this training in english. *mit einer Übersetzerin!

Sat – Sun 03./04. and 10./11. November 2018
9am till 6pm
(last day till 4pm)

Early Bird (till 30.09.2018) 390 €
Regular 450 €

Anmeldebogen Yoga Nidra TT_2018

Book online now or write to events@vinyaloft.de!